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Due to current budget cuts and restructures within The Arts Development Team, we are unable to manage The Edwardian Cloakrooms From February 2017 onward. The space will therefore be unavailable to hire until further notice. For information on other available spaces in Bristol, see our spaces page.

The Edwardian Cloakroom on Woodland Road consists of two separate spaces. The Gentlemen’s entrance is located just off the Park Row pavement through gated arches. The Ladies’ side is accessed through a separate entrance on the left hand side of the building on Woodland Rd.


The Edwardian Cloakroom map to edit

Site Notes

We are keen to preserve the beautiful original features so please secure artworks to the walls and fixtures in a way that will not affect the original fabrication of the building. Please also remember to leave the space clean and tidy and remove any rubbish ready for the next artist

There is one power socket located in the Ladies cloakroom side. Artists will need to provide suitable extension cords if required, to be used in the ladies side only. The gent’s side does not have electricity points, strictly NO cables are to be trailed from the ladies side to the gent’s side. All electrical equipment used, must be PAT tested.

There is no access to running water or bathroom facilities. A water container has been provided, there is a tap at the garage over the road, please ask politely to fill up water.

There is an electric heater fixed to the wall on the Ladies cloakroom side. If you use this you must remember to switch it off before you leave the building.

The lights are on a photocell setting, so will only come on when it is dark.

The spaces are able to be locked securely when not in use. (Artists will have a set of keys to gain access and will be responsible for securing the space when it is not in use).
Leaking roof

In heavy rain the roof sometimes lets in water on the Gentlemen’s side. Please use the mop provided to clean up any water on the floor. Please be aware that paths and floors can become slippery when wet. Do not place any equipment in this risk areas. If floor become slippery, please ensure stewards inform the public.

There is an A board you can put outside the entrance to help promote your project. We have also provided some laminated warning signs to be blue tacked to the entrances if your project includes flashing/ flickering lights or mature content.

Please be aware that access to the Ladies cloakroom side is via five steps and the entrance on the Gentlemen’s side is fairly narrow.

Please take all rubbish away with you, failure to do so will result in loss of deposit.

Opening times
Residents are welcome to use the space during the hours of 7am – 10pm.

Following complaints from neighbouring residents, artists must insure that all activity involving sound must not continue past 9.30pm.

The aim of the Bristol Creative Spaces project is to offer artists the chance to use unusual spaces within the city to develop and present their work free of charge for a short residency. It is important to us, and we are passionate about the benefits of creative practices and projects for artists, Bristol and those that live in or visit the city. We therefor ask that artists do not charge for viewing the exhibitions and events held at the Edwardian Cloakrooms.

Whilst the spaces do have some basic facilities and utilities, artists must understand that these are limited. Therefore artists need to be aware of what the spaces do and do not offer when applying to use them.

 What we ask of creatives using the spaces:

• Artists using the spaces must have public liability insurance (PLI) and Risk assessment (RA) paperwork which Bristol City Council MUST have copies of before a residency begins.

• Artists must hand a key deposit of £50 to a member of the Bristol City Council team who is undertaking a key exchange for a space. (this will be returned at the end of the residency when the conditions of the licence agreement are fulfilled, and the keys are returned to the Bristol City Council team)

• Please be aware that any dates they are offered to use one of the spaces will include installation and take down of all work and no additional time will be offered other than under the discretion of the Bristol City Council team. Strictly all visitors and artists must leave and lock the space by 10.30pm

• All artists must be aware that whilst Bristol City Council provide the space and curate the work we do not offer any support in production of projects all funding and other production must be obtained through appropriate channels. (funding bodies, external agencies etc)

• It is the responsibility of all artists to view the space floor plans to determine if the space is suitable for a project and vice versa.

Once an artist’s application has been selected their projects and residencies will also be listed and publicised on our webpage and Twitter account.


In Bristol many public conveniences were designed in a classical style to compliment the surrounding Victorian or Edwardian architecture. Built in 1904, the Edwardian Cloakroom on the corner of Woodland Road is one of the most palatial of its time.

Sir George Herbert Oatley, an architect noted for his work in Bristol especially the gothic Wills Memorial Building, is the possible architect but no one has taken responsibility for the design of the Edwardian Cloakroom. The cloakrooms were built by Walter and Sons Ltd for £1,079 with the additional charge of £514 for the Twyfords sanitary fittings.

The building was left to fall into disrepair until the late 1990s when they were renovated as part of conservation area improvement and was designated a grade 1 listing.

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