Chat Back

Wyldwood Arts

Chat Back is an intergenerational physical theatre project that unites generations through reminiscence theatre and a devising process.

Rachel Adams

Dress rehearsal images by Camilla Adams

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Future Fete

Bristol Biennial

Future Fete is a surreal one day event created in collaboration with the community. The festival imagines a not-too-distant future in which discarded plastic is the enduring trace of our age, and invites us to both celebrate and commiserate the present.

10 September 2016, 12-4pm
Hengrove Mounds Nature Reserve
Free, drop-in and discover!

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Family Theatre

Travelling Light Theatre Company

Family Theatre will spark the imagination of very young audiences, hard-to-reach communities and those with English as a second language. Each month, children aged 0-4 and their families enjoy a short performance, followed by an interactive, multisensory play session.

Bristol Produces

In Between Time

‘Bristol Produces’ brings together a new live performance made by the city for the city, a creative skills development programme for disadvantaged young people, and a series of high profile public debates about the rising inequality in Bristol.

Barton Hill Handmade Parade 2016

Phoenix 52

In Bristol Studio

The Barton Hill Handmade Parade 2016 is a carnival style celebration of creativity, diversity and the vibrant community of Barton Hill.

The Practicing Ensemble Class (PE Class)

The Plasticine Men

A series of workshops exploring the art of making theatre together. Each session is led by a different director. Open to theatre-makers of any discipline, the classes are a space for practitioners to experiment, to practice, and to meet.

View From the Pen

Windmill Hill City Farm

Script-writing workshops for local people to create stories based on the lives of animals at the City Farm. The best are professionally produced for on-site performance from the animal pens of the City Farm. Performances will be repeated at a community event in Knowle.

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, Windmill Hill City Fram have joined up with Show of Strength Theatre Company to produce two days of theatre performances at the City Farm. Written by local writers and performed by professional actors, the five minute monologues, written from the point of view of our animals, will be performed on site in the farmyard.

No need to book – just come along.

Suitable for all ages


Le Cheval Solitaire


Creation and performance of an interactive, outdoor performance for young children and their families, Using the idea of children’s natural empathy as a starting point we will work closely with children to help us create a fun and authentic experience.

Make Some Noise About Litter workshops

PAPER Artistic Development CIC

Make Some Noise About Litter workshops will teach children across Henbury and Southmead how to turn litter into instruments, inspiring them to explore sustainable processes such as re-using and up cycling,, working alongside local artists and musicians to tackle antisocial littering.

“It’s great that you are making the children aware of the impact of littering and providing advice on ways to improve. A fantastic hands on experience which the children have enjoyed taking part in. Fantastic and creative!” – Annette (teacher)
“You can save litter and it can be useful.” (Child, Year 5)
“I loved making my drum and all of the musical tunes.” (Child, Year 5)
“I learnt that 1 millions birds die every year from litter so we should not throw it on the floor.” (Child, Year 3)
“I can make amazing stuff with litter and turn it into a monkey drum.” (Child, Year 5)


“Really fun activities which were enjoyed by all children. Great to get to know your activity. I’ll try and make some of these in class. Thank you!” – Harriet Pestell (teacher)

“The best thing about taking part in this activity was seeing PAPER give the children inspiration to make and create at home using things they can find.” – Bekki Dyer (teacher)

“I learnt that litter can make music!” (Year 3 student)

“My favorite part was making crocodiles and I learnt that litter can be reused for different things and litter can be used to make music.” (Year 2 student)

“I learnt that you need to put litter in the bin and that litter is very useful.” (Year 3 student)

Grace Cress

Programme of Public Events for BEEF

BEEF (Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film)

With a unique focus on artists’ film, sound and performance, the BEEF collective works in and expands Bristol’s arts community, developing artists, audiences and participation through a vibrant programme of artist led events, community workshops and collaborations nationally and internationally.

Mapping Ourselves and Our Lives in the City

Once will be working with people in St Phillips and Stockwood to create and exhibit personal memory maps. These will allow the viewer to understand the city as experienced by another person; seeing the city through their eyes for a moment in time.


All Day Breakfast

alldaybreakfast will engage audiences through art and discussions on contemporary views of mental health. Based within a former asylum, the events will explore the collection at Glenside Hospital Museum.

Open Doors Day Events

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Bristol Cardboard Citizens Residency Project

Bristol Cardboard Citizens

An intensive month long residency that trains homeless and vulnerable residents, social sector staff and local artists in the art forum theatre; and produces a performance that engages the community in the arts and encourages social inclusion.

Michael Chandler

Hour Bristol

South Bristol Creative Community Time bank is an alternative time-based economy, connecting professional and non-professional creatives. It will celebrate creativity through participatory events, commissioned artworks and the development of organised reciprocity in the form of a self-sustaining time bank.

hOur:Bristol LAUNCH Tickets, Thu, 24 Nov 2016 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

  • Find out about timebanking
  • Learn how to join hOur:Bristol
  • Have free beer and pizza
  • Pitch your idea to win £250 + 20 hours from the timebank


Printing Bristol’s History

Tandem Print

Bristol Set In Print

Bristol Set in Print will work with retirees from the print industry, sharing their stories and connecting them with current printmakers in creating collaborative print. Accompanied by a series of public workshops, talks and demonstrations which promote Bristol Printing History.

Photographs courtesy of Joe Alduous


East Bristol Contemporary

An artist-led gallery that supports grass roots contemporary visual art from across Bristol, the South West, and further afield.

Jack Wilson

My Big Fat Gender Weekend

Queer Film Network

My Big Gender Weekend will use a range of the arts to explore and play with the ideas that define gender. We aim to educate and engage the public whilst dispelling myths, stigma and stereotypes through workshops, performance art and screenings.

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