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The Control Room is currently undergoing essential maintenance and therefore we are unable to gain access until further notice.

The Control Room sits on the north side of Redcliffe Bridge in Bristol’s docks area and houses the controls that move the bridge. The Control Room is a semi-circular shaped cabin offering an exterior entirely windowed on the top half. The Control Room is an open plan space, which is visible from all sides. The Control Room is available for use for creative projects that can only be viewed from the outside, as the public aren’t permitted to enter the Control Room.


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Site Notes

The aim of the Bristol Creative Spaces project is to offer artists the chance to use unusual spaces within the city to develop and present their work free of charge for a short residency. It is important to us, and we are passionate about the benefits of creative practices and projects for artists, Bristol and those that live in or visit the city.

Whilst the spaces do have some basic facilities and utilities, artists must understand that these are limited. Therefore artists need to be aware of what the spaces do and do not offer when applying to use them.
The Control Room does have electricity (max 10 amps) however; artists will need to provide suitable extension cords if they are required. Any electrical equipment brought in needs to be PAT tested.

The control room must be locked securely when not in use. The space is no public access.
There is no running water or bathroom facilities. A water container has been provided for you to fill at a neighbouring source.

Artists and curators should be aware that the Control Room is directly next to a road and they should not cause any obstruction or difficulty to drivers.

What we ask of creatives using the spaces:

A representative of the art organisation/collective must sign and forward a Letter of Acceptance/ Contract to the Bristol City Council team prior to moving into the space.

Artist using the space must have public liability insurance (PLI) paperwork must be provided.

Artist must hand a key deposit of £50 to a member of the Bristol City Council team who is undertaking a key exchange for a space. (this will be returned at the end of the residency when the conditions of the licence agreement are fulfilled, and the keys are returned to the Bristol City Council team)

Any dates they are offered will include installation and take down of all work and no additional time will be offered other than under the discretion of the Bristol City Council team. We ask that if your installation is only active for certain points of the day you ensure activity happens between:

Weekdays: 7.30-9.30 and 16.30-18.30
Saturday: 10.00-18.00
Sunday: 11.00-17.00

Once an artist’s application has been selected their projects and residencies will also be listed and publicised on our webpage and any other channels available to us. However we do advise that you promote your exhibition or event through your own channels as well to encourage wider audiences.

We want to preserve the beautiful original features of the space so its important that artworks are secured to the walls and fixtures in a way that will not affect the original fabrication of the building. Please also remember to leave the space clean and tidy and remove any rubbish ready for the next artist.



Redcliffe Bridge is a 1940s single bascule bridge (drawbridge) situated on Bristol docks. The Control Room consists of two cabins situated on the North and South sides of the bridge, which house the control desks used to move the bridge. The control desks and bridge are now utilised very rarely. Bristol City Council currently allow artists to use the cabin on the North side of the bridge.


The Control Room

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