Creative Seed Funding

Deadline has now passed

We will be accepting applications next year

The creative Seed Fund is managed by Bristol City Council’s Arts Development Team. The team play a leading role in facilitating environments which encourage creativity, and ensure that Bristol’s diverse communities are able to access and be inspired by the arts. The Creative Seed Fund supports Bristol based creative projects. It is an annual fund that has one application round, each year. The maximum grant awarded is £3,000.

Projects 2016/17


Community Festivals and Events Fund

The Community Festival and Event Fund supports cultural festivals and events led by organisations, community groups and charities.

Deadline has now passed

We will be accepting applications next year

The maximum grant we award is £2,000 per festival or event.

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The Edwardian Cloakroom

Now accepting proposals for exhibitions and events for January 2017

The Edwardian Cloakroom on Woodland Road consists of two separate spaces. The Gentlemen’s entrance is located just off the Park Row pavement through gated arches. The Ladies’ side is accessed through a separate entrance on the left hand side of the building on Woodland Rd.

Our average project duration period is a week including set up and take down of work. However we determine the length of an occupancy on a case by case basis so there may be the possibility of a longer duration, please take this in to consideration when making applications.

Use of the space is Free including utilities. However please be aware that whilst Bristol City Council provide the space and select the work we do not offer any support in production of projects all funding and other production must be obtained through appropriate channels. (funding bodies, external agencies etc)

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Please email artsdevelopment@bristol.gov.uk for a proposal form.

Due to current budget cuts and restructures within The Arts Development Team, we are unable to manage The Edwardian Cloakrooms From February 2017 onward. The space will therefore be unavailable to hire post January, until further notice. For information on other available spaces in Bristol, see our spaces page.


The Control Room

This opportunity has now passed. This was a pilot approach, there will be more information posted here and our twitter page regarding availability of the space in 2017

The Control Room sits on the north side of Redcliffe Bridge in Bristol’s docks area and houses the controls that move the bridge. It is a semi-circular shaped cabin glazed on the top half on all sides. The Control Room is only suitable for projects that are viewed from the outside – there is no public access to the building. The location of The Control Room on a main route between Harbourside and Temple Meads offers artists the opportunity to have their work seen by a large audience.

We have two opportunities for artists and curators to have use of the space for a two month time period plus a fee of £500.

We are looking for exciting proposals that respond to the site. Selected artists or curators can present new or existing works and solo or group exhibitions.

This is a pilot for a new approach to programming this space. The aim of giving the space for a longer time period and offering a fee is to give artists a valuable opportunity by supporting the production of more ambitious works and enabling more people to see each project.

Projects 2016



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